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Legal Aid:

Attorney James Vollstaedt is on staff at Legal Aid, phone 218-749-3270. They work free for people below poverty level on specific types of legal issues, some divorces, some domestic violence issues, and Housing advocacy. Start by calling them if you think you might qualify.

This is a website created by the Minnesota Legal Services Coalition with fact sheets, booklets and manuals on civil legal problems (not criminal).

FREE Iron Range Self-Help Attorney:

No self-help lawyer at the Law Library since September 2019. (There was one from 2015-2019.) The online forms are still there, and there is a Self-Help line posted with the self-help forms. See for lawyers in the area, as the list below might be short. There are lawyers in Hibbing, Cook and in Ely who come to Virginia for Court, and quite a few from Duluth. All Virginia lawyers go to the Hibbing Courthouse too.

The Solo Practitioners:

  1. Sipila Law Office, LLC - Attorney Angela E. Sipila 218-741-5000
  2. Mary I. Johnson - VHS graduate. Solo General Practice with emphasis in Family Law. 218-741-8517
  3. Honkanen Law Office, S.C. - Attorney Erik Honkanen – Offices located in the US Bank building. 218-749-3047
For help with a Bankruptcy, I suggest calling Todd Deal (741-0475), Peter Greenlee (263-9542) or Yvonne Novak (218-720-2888)
For help with finding a Personal Injury lawyer, call me, because who to call depends on the type of injury and who is liable.

Law Firms

  1. Cope & Peterson - Attorneys Miranda Ridlon, James R. Cope, and Alicia L. Cope. 218-749-4470
  2. Deal & Pineo - Their office is located in Vic Lager's old building on 2nd Avenue. Attorney Todd Deal is a Certified Public Accountant and I recommend him for BANKRUPTCY. Phone number is 218-741-0475. No website.
  3. Colosimo Patchin - Attorneys John Colosimo, Michael Kearney, Joel Lewicki, and _____ 218-741-4500
  4. Trenti Law Firm - Attorneys Sam Aluni, Joseph Leoni, Bryan Lindsay, Scott Neff, Colleen Kosluchar, and Abagail Nouskai 218-749-1962

Hibbing Minnesota Lawyers
  1. Peter C. Greenlee of Greenlee Law Office - Specializes in Bankruptcy Law. His main office and staff are in Duluth, but he has a satellite office in Hibbing. (218) 263-9542,
  2. Prebich Law Firm - Law Offices of Richard E Prebich, with attorneys Rick Prebich and Hannah Forti. (218) 262-6601,
  3. Kimberly Corradi - (218) 440-1019,
  4. Law Offices of James Perunovich - (218) 262-0064,
  5. Sellman Law Office - Attorneys Dick Sellman, Andy Borland, Jackie Corradi Simon (218) 262-5501 (no website)

Cook Minnesota Lawyers
  1. Vermilion Law Ltd - 219 S River St. #202, P.O. Box 1089, Cook MN 55723 (218)-666-5868.
Ely Minnesota Lawyers
  1. Denfenbaugh Law Office - with attorney Rae Bentz - Real Estate, Probate and Estate Planning - 218-365-4977
  2. Klun Law Office - Attorneys Kelly Klun, Amber Pederson and Angela Von Lehe practicing Elder Law, Landlord/Tenant, and Probate. 877-365-3221
    Location: 1 E Chapman Street (PO Box 240) Ely MN 55731.
    They also have Attorney Amber Pederson in a satellite office in Gilbert MN

Grand Rapids Minnesota Lawyers
  1. Steven M. Bradt - Handles Workers Compensation cases from Duluth to International Falls, Ely to Bemidji and pretty much everywhere in between. 218-327-1235 or 1-866-510-1235 Steven also has a work comp blog (Work Comp Talk - which provides more information about his practice and workers’ compensation issues in Minnesota.

Indian Legal Assistance:

Indian Legal Assistance (with attorney Wesley Martins) provides legal assistance to all people of low income in matters in Virginia and Hibbing (and Duluth where the offices are located.) Phone: 888-249-3205 or (218) 727-2881

Volunteer Attorney Program:
Volunteer Attorney Program: CLOSED. Their funding went to Legal Aid, so call there. 800-933-1112
Disclaimer: If you rely on anything herein, and suffer damages therefrom, I am not liable herewith.

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